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Mono Threads

Targeted Collagen Induction Treatment


Suitable For:

What are Mono Threads?

Mono thread treatments are a non surgical cosmetic treatment that uses dissolvable threads to help rejuvenate collagen stimulation in a targeted area. Mono Threads are are made up of an absorbable material called polydioxanone (PDO). PDO is an FDA/TGA and EU approved absorbable suture like material and has a 30 year long safety track record for use in orthopaedic and cardiovascular surgery and for wound closure.

How Do Mono Threads Work to Help Promote Skin Tightening?

We gently insert the mono thread below the subdermal layer of your skin, following a mesh-like or cross hatching pattern. The reason PDO threads are inserted in that pattern is to promote collagen production.

How Do PDO Threads Help With Collagen and Elastin Production?

Your body produces collagen and elastin but it loses its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production as you age. Elastin's flexibility helps your blood vessels and skin tissue to stretch, while collagen production strengthens your muscles. When a PDO thread is inserted into the tissue layer of your face and neck, it helps to stimulate your skin's natural collagen production.

Popular Treatment Areas:

  • Upper and lower cheeks

  • Nose-to-mouth lines

  • Neck and jawlines

  • Your arms, buttocks, and abdomen

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Marionette lines

  • Glabellar lines

  • Wrinkles and textural irregularities

Minimal downtime is expected, slight redness can be expected but should subside within a few hours. Some bruising is possible, as with any injectable procedure. Best to exercise prior to treatment and allow 24 hours for any inflammation to subside. Avoid sleeping on the treated area for a few nights.

Indication Of Cost

Threads can be performed alongside dermal filler and other injectables treatments. 

The amount of packs required can vary depending on the treatment area(s) and how much layering may be necessary. A thorough consultation will always be done before undergoing treatment to ensure we can work within your expected outcomes and budget.


Threads Costs:

First 20 Single Mono Threads


Subsequent Packs of 10 Mono Threads


20 "Filler" Threads (revitalising, volumising threads for nasolabial and tear trough areas)


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