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We’ll Take Care of You

Welcome to Caroline Harris Appearance Medicine, where we believe in enhancing your natural beauty and celebrating your unique features. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, our clinic is a sanctuary where you can discover the transformative power of appearance medicine. Led by our passionate and skilled team, we prioritise open communication and personalised attention, ensuring that your goals and desires are at the forefront of every treatment.

We embrace a philosophy of subtle, natural-looking results that enhance your confidence and reflect your true essence. Experience the exceptional care and remarkable outcomes that have made us a trusted name in the industry.  Using cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical-grade products.  Every treatment is customised to your specific needs to help reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Discover the transformative power of appearance medicine at Caroline Harris Appearance Medicine, where your beauty is celebrated and your confidence shines through.

Caroline is a registered nurse with over 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She began her career in Cardio- Thoracic and Vascular in Waikato Hospital, but after having her first baby in 2017, she discovered her passion for appearance medicine. Caroline has since become a specialist in the field, with a focus on creating beautiful, natural-looking results through injectables and skin rejuvenation treatments. She has received extensive training and education, including mentorship from Deborah Wake, and is particularly skilled in sclerotherapy. Caroline is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and approaches in her field, and is passionate about helping her clients look and feel their best. In addition to her successful career, Caroline is a proud mother of two daughters. She and her husband, Peter, enjoy taking their daughters to explore New Zealand in their caravan whenever they can.  They love the outdoors, sun, and snow.

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